The Dixie Brewery

From Tulane Ave

Address: 2401 Tulane Ave. New Orleans, LA 70117

Current Owners: Joe Bruno and Kendra Bruno

Unoccupied Since: August 2005

Property Value: $1,387,100

Damage Assessment: Unavailable

Status: Unknown

The Dixie Brewery building was built in 1907 for $85,000 by Valentine Merz.  The six story low rise’s purpose was to brew, store, and distribute what is present day Dixie Beer.   During prohibition, the brewery manufactured and distributed non-alcoholic beer until 1933.  When prohibition ended, Dixie Beer eventually reached the national market and gained an iconic status for the city of New Orleans.

The current owners purchased the building in 1986 and continued to produce and market the product until August 2005, when the events of Hurricane Katrina ravaged the property.

The brewing equipment was devastated beyond repair from flooding, and the property suffered significant damage.

Much of the delay in renovations can be attributed to the building’s location within the VA Hospital footprint.  With the potential threat of being demolished to make way for the hospital’s expansive campus, plans for rebuilding have been put on hold.  However, the Historic District Landmarks Committee of New Orleans has nominated the building as a local landmark, which can offer protective reasoning against its demolition.

Currently, Dixie Beer is being brewed and distributed in Monroe, WI and supplies a smaller national market from its pre-Katrina operations.



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One Response to “The Dixie Brewery”

  1. Kelli Dowd Says:

    Great blog : )
    Catie Quinn should start a Detroit blight blog and us New Yorker’s could start a Brooklyn Blight Blog…though we better hurry because it’ll all be gentrified by next week.
    Miss you! Come visit soon.

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