About the New Orleans Blight Blog

Blighted and abandoned properties pose one of the greatest challenges to New Orleans in its recovery from Hurricane Katrina.  In 2009, twenty-nine percent of all residential address in the city were blighted, the highest rate in the country.  Tens of thousands of homes sit vacant; fascinating and horrifying reminders of the events of just a few years ago.

Though exacerbated by Katrina, abandonment and blight are not new to New Orleans.  Like many American cities, vacant properties are symptoms of the larger trends of middle-class flight, de-industrialization and suburbanization.  In this sense, the issue of blight goes well beyond displaced residents and storm damaged homes and includes the shuttered office buildings, storefronts and restaurants left by disappearing commerce.

With good reason, much attention has already been given to residential blight and vacancy in New Orleans.  The New Orleans Blight Blog is an attempt to compliment this work by documenting the city’s numerous vacant and blighted commercial properties.   We hope, in some small way, this helps broaden the discussion about blight reduction in New Orleans to include one of the most important solutions: economic development.

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